Jim Newton

Hi Erin,

I hope you're well.  I am very well, at least partly because these hearing aids have changed my life. 

I wear them all day every day which I could never do with the others, and I'm so much more connected to the world. 

Thanks so much, again.

Warm regards,


September 2016

Judy N.

My wonderful discovery – I purchased your Oticon TV sound amplifier – it is fabulous. Now I can turn the sound off on my TV, and hear it through my hearing aids- crystal clear!

I should have done this a long time ago – could not recommend it more highly. 

March 2016

Dr. Loretta Foley

I have had serious hearing problems since the early 90's. I had "given up"on ever being able to hear well again.

Seeing Dr. Erin Wright's ad in the local papers somehow encouraged me to make an appointment.

This decision proved to be vital for my hearing needs.  Erin was able to help tremendously.  She fitted me with the perfect hearing aids for my particular problems.

I have gone back to the Clinic a number of times for various reasons, most of them insignificant
I was always received very warmly and encouraged to come back to the Office for any concerns big or small.
Erin has chosen extremely professional office staff who really make one feel very comfortable.
If you want top notch advise and/or stellar service....either of these clinics is where you want to go!  You won't be sorry.

December 2015

John S.

I have been a hearing aid user for eighteen years.

I have found the knowledge and service at the Oak Bay Clinic to be excellent and their costs competitive.