Corie Price

I just wanted to make sure Victoria, Tracy and Erin at the Oak Bay Hearing Clinic know how much I appreciated their help. I had an issue with the battery in one of my Signia hearing aids and they all rallied on the spur of the moment to solve it without having to make an appointment and return at a later date. Thank you so much for this exemplary service, I really am impressed and appreciative!

Jim Newton

Hi Erin, I hope you’re well.  I am very well, at least partly because these hearing aids have changed my life.  I wear them all day every day which I could never do with the others, and I’m so much more connected to the world.  Thanks so much, again. Warm regards, Jim

Dr. Loretta Foley

I have had serious hearing problems since the early 90’s. I had “given up” on ever being able to hear well again. Seeing Dr. Erin Wright’s ad in the local papers somehow encouraged me to make an appointment. This decision proved to be vital for my hearing needs.  Erin was able to help tremendously.  She fitted me with the perfect hearing aids for my particular problems. I have gone back to the Clinic a number of times for various reasons, most of them insignificant. I was always received very warmly and encouraged to come back to the Office for any concerns big or small. Erin has chosen extremely professional office staff who really make one feel very comfortable. If you want top notch advise and/or stellar service….either of these clinics is where you want to go!  You won’t be sorry.

Betty Parkinson

Dear Dr. Erin, I first became aware of my loss of hearing during 2006 and resisted the need to visit an audiologist. It was with some trepidation that I had my initial visit with you and subsequent purchase of hearing aids in February 2007. I need not have had such a concern! You have made such a difference to the quality of my life and of that of my family around me as well. Since that initial visit I have visited you on several occasions and found yourself and your staff most helpful. Your receptionist Devon always greets us with such a smiling happy face putting us immediately at ease. Congratulations and good wishes on your extended endeavours. Kindest regards, Betty Parkinson


Lia, Can’t thank you enough for improving my quality of life.  When I got up this morning, inserting my new hearing aids was the most joyous part of my morning routine.  I looked forward to hearing all manner of sounds and conversations that I would have missed in the past.   In addition, Doreen is extremely pleased her husband has “his ears in” and she doesn’t have to yell at him all day, (every day). She even mentioned getting my hearing aids was the best Christmas present she received in years.   As for me, I never felt such joy about a hearing aid since I accidentally ran over one of my last hearing aids with my car and killed that sucker dead.  It was pure aggravation wearing the old ones; their constant annoying discomfort – mind piercing feedback screeching – trying to adjust the volume with their tiny controls and my pudgy fingers.  It took several years for me to even consider another hearing aid.  What a waste!


I chose Dr. Erin Wright at the Oak Bay Hearing Clinic after reading an article stating that she was not associated with any specific hearing aid company but rather would fit the best aid for my hearing loss. Not only has Dr. Wright been totally professional but the service of the Oak Bay Hearing Clinic has been extraordinary. My Resound hearing aids have improved my life immeasurably and I only wish I had seen Dr. Wright years ago. Recently whilst wintering in New Zealand, I unfortunately lost one of my hearing aids. Dr Wright and the Oak Bay Hearing Clinic staff quickly sent me a replacement under the really excellent Resound replacement warranty. Dr. Wright had programmed my replacement hearing aid before sending it and then followed up with many emails to ensure my new hearing aid was working properly. I recommend Dr Erin Wright and the Oak Bay Hearing Clinic unreservedly.


The quality of my life has improved so much with my “new” hearing. I know it’s a huge decision to get hearing aids and I, too, resisted for all the usual reasons – fear, stigma, unknown and of course stubbornness. I would never give them up now and should anyone feel the desire to talk with someone who has been “down this road”,  just ask Erin and she can put us in touch.

Elizabeth and Doug Wright

Dear Doctor Wright, On behalf of my husband and me – he is not a “writer” – I would like to express our gratitude for your excellent and cheerful attention in early April. It is such a pleasure to actually hear what is going on around us again. And seldom do we have to ask each other to repeat anything, unless of course, we have forgotten that we have removed our hearing aids. This happens! Warmest regards, Elizabeth and Doug Wright

Fred Dubinsky

It’s like night and day, or I should say going from night to day.  I didn’t think I could get this hearing again. Fred Dubinsky

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