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Widex was founded in Denmark in 1956 by Christian Topholm and Erik Westermann. Widex developed the first digitally programmable hearing aid with a remote control in 1988, and the first fully digital in-the-ear hearing aid in 1995.  Widex values finding ‘green’ solutions to hearing loss and is the first CO2 neutral hearing aid manufacturer with their environmentally-friendly headquarters in Denmark, where research, development, and production take place.

What we like about Widex:

Their most recent hearing aid platform, the Moment Sheer, launched in the fall of 2022. Their new revolutionary technology is equipped with game changing ultra-fast processors to deliver the most pure, natural sound ever. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the ear drum later than sound heard directly. And when these two “out of sync” signals mix, you hear an artificial sound. The ultra-fast signal processing removes the delay, delivering more natural sound.


Widex offers quality sound

Because of their great sound quality, Widex has long been thought to be the choice product for musicians, and we have had a lot of positive feedback around the way these hearing aids process and amplify music. Their premium Moment hearing aid now features two music programs – for classical and contemporary music.

Widex is the industry leader in tinnitus sound therapy.

Inspired by the relaxing effects of certain types of music, Widex developed the Zen fractal tones. Based on what is known as fractal technology, Zen plays random, chime-like tones that can be used for relaxation and for making tinnitus less noticeable.

What is fractal technology?

Fractal technology is based on a mathematical algorithm and ensures that there are no sudden changes in tonality or tempo. The tones repeat enough to sound familiar and follow appropriate rules but vary enough to not be predictable. This means that they are not associated with music, which you might memorize and therefore become “immune” to its relaxation and tinnitus masking effects.

Widex recent released the Sound Assist, a multifunctional new accessory that can be used in the following ways:

  • Partner microphone mode – One-to-one conversations with friends and family sound clear wherever you are.
  • Table microphone mode – Hear important meetings, lively dinners, and group conversations more easily.
  • Hands-free phone calls – Great sounding calls on the go.
  • Streaming from any Bluetooth device – Send music, film, or TV audio* to your hearing aids. 
  • Remote control for Widex Moment Bluetooth hearing aids – Control your sound, easily.
  • Telecoil mode – Telecoil functionality even if your hearing aids don’t have telecoil.

The Moment product line is currently iPhone compatible and will soon be android compatible. We love the Widex Moment app. It allows a lot of flexibility for the user in terms of setting the microphone directionality and the ability to independently change low, mid and high frequency amplification. The Widex Moment app also has a feature called SoundSense Learn, which uses machine learning to allow the hearing aid user to create personal programs in real time. We have a guide for iOS Bluetooth Connectivity for those who have questions about connection with their iPhones.

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