Online Hearing Check

Man wearing headphones for Broadmead Hearing online hearing check

Welcome to our free Online Hearing Check.

In just a few minutes, the hearing check will give you an idea of how well you are hearing.

  • You will need headphones to do the hearing check.
  • The headphones can be an in-your-ear or over-the-ear style, cable or wireless.

Why check your hearing online?

If you’re curious about your hearing, an online check (also referred to as an online hearing test) is an easy way to get a sense of how you’re doing. The emailed report will tell you if you have good hearing or whether mild, moderate or severe issues may be present.
The online check is not a replacement for a professional hearing test. Depending on your result, or if you feel that you’re experiencing challenges hearing in your daily life, we do recommend a follow-up visit with one of our Audiologists

How does the online hearing check work?

The online hearing check puts together your ability to hear a series of tones, with your answers to questions about hearing in your daily life, to determine how well you are hearing. You will receive the results in an email after you’ve completed the online hearing check.

Before you begin:
  • Make sure you’re in a quiet environment.
  • Turn off the noise cancelling on your headphones (if applicable).
  • Set the volume on your phone, tablet or desktop computer to 50 percent.*
*If you don’t know how to lower the volume on your device, instructions are provided during the online hearing check.

Step 1: choices

First, the online check will ask you to select 1 of 3 choices that describe how you perceive your hearing: Not sure, Poor, and Good.

Step 2: tones

Then you will press a button on the screen and a tone will play in your right ear. You will be instructed to adjust the volume on the screen until you can just hear the tone. You will do this with 5 different tones.
Then you will repeat the process with the same tones, with the left ear. 

Step 3: questions

You will be asked 5 questions about hearing in everyday situations, such as: “How easy it is to hold a conversation when background noise is present?”

Receiving the results

You will be asked to provide your email address. In only a few moments after the hearing check you will receive an email with your tone results and estimated hearing levels in each ear. The email will tell you if a professional hearing test is recommended. A hearing test with an Audiologist, who produces a clinical audiogram, is the only way to officially confirm your hearing levels. 
The online hearing check is free, easy to use and anyone can take it. If you’re wondering how you or a loved one is hearing, give it a try! 

Schedule an appointment

If you want to see an Audiologist about your hearing, or you have questions about the results of the online hearing check, please call us for an appointment at the location that is most convenient for you, or request an appointment online

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