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The company Danavox was founded in Denmark in 1943 by Gerd Rosenstand, with its first hearing aid produced in 1947.  ReSound Corporation was founded by Rodney Perkins in 1984 and merged with GN Danavox in 1996 to develop the first software-based digital hearing aids. 

ReSound is a true leader in innovation in the hearing aid marketplace. They revolutionized the industry with the first ever open-fit hearing aid back in 2003. This made our job as Audiologists much more rewarding because there was finally a hearing aid that would fit people who had noise-induced hearing loss. ReSound went on to pioneer the 2.4 GHz frequency band as a way of connecting their hearing aids wirelessly to a TV. Ultimately, it was this technology that interested Apple and made Apple choose ReSound to partner with to develop direct hearing aid connectivity to the iPhone.

In September 2020, ReSound released its current hearing aid, the ONE, which introduces its groundbreaking microphone and receiver-in-ear (M&RIE, pronounced “marie”) technology. M&RIE technology is an industry first, adding a 3rd microphone to the hearing aid that is positioned in the ear. This additional microphone uses your own ear’s acoustic properties for more natural sound quality, reduced wind noise, and improved background noise reduction.

ReSound ONE hearing aid

Fully rechargeable

Another standout feature of the ONE is its premium lithium-ion battery charger. The charger is sleek and very easy to use, making it a great option for anyone with dexterity issues. The charger itself holds three additional charges, so those who go camping for the weekend or are not near an electrical outlet for a few days can still charge their hearing aids. The ONE hearing aids boast the longest rechargeable hearing aid battery life offering up to 30 hours of continuous wear time on a single charge*. 

ReSound ONE charger

Smartphone compatible

The ONE product line is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. Their Smart3D app allows the user to customize the sound around them by filtering out unwanted noise, improving speech clarity, and adjusting bass, mid, and treble amplification. Check if your phone is compatible.

ReSound ONE smartphone compatible

It should also be noted that Resound is owned by a parent company called GN. GN has two divisions, the ReSound brand, and the Beltone brand. The basic differences between ReSound and Beltone are hardware (for example the look and feel of the hearing aid shell) and the proprietary fitting targets. Features work the same with some minor variations and the names are different. The specifications are the same between the ReSound and Beltone branded products.

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