Danielle Pasko

I was born in Squamish B.C and after living in a few different cities in Canada, I settled in Victoria in 2013 to finish my undergraduate degree. I completed my master’s degree in Audiology and Speech Sciences at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Audiology is a profession that I happened upon a few years after completing my undergraduate degree and I fell in love with it for many reasons. I have always enjoyed working with people, and wanted to be a part of a profession that was such a beautiful mix of patient-centered care, science, technology, and human perception. The impact that a hearing aid, such a little device, coupled with an audiologist’s care and counselling, can have on a person’s life was amazing to me.

This field is constantly evolving and changing, which is one of the most exciting things about this job. Staying up to date on the latest research in audiology is something I am passionate about, and in addition to applying that information into my daily practice, I would love to share that information with you, should you be interested.

As an artist, I’ve always had a passion for communication and exploring how ideas, thoughts, and emotions are expressed. As an audiologist, I am so excited to explore how we can work together to ensure that you are not missing out on important communication, are able to be an active participant in conversations, and can access the richness of the world around us. Hearing healthcare is a collaboration between you and your audiologist, to meet your individual hearing needs, and I really value that partnership.

In my free time I’m often working on art projects, practicing my pottery skills, reading a good book, or out exploring the amazing array of hiking trails and lakes that are in the area.

I look forward to seeing you in the clinic sometime soon!


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