Widex:  “The Natural Choice for you”

Widex was founded in Denmark in 1956 by Christian Topholm and Erik Westermann.   Widex developed the first digitally programmable hearing aid with a remote control in 1988, and the first fully digital in-the-ear hearing aid in 1995.  Widex values finding ‘green’ solutions to hearing loss and is the first CO2 neutral hearing aid manufacturer with their environmentally-friendly headquarters in Denmark, where research, development, and production take place.

What we like about Widex:

Widex has a great sound quality that often results in the "wow" factor in our clinic. Their new Unique product portfolio has 4 price points and has some of the best features in the entry level pricing category.

The Unique line has one of the strongest wind noise algorithms on the market, which is apparent in their marketing materials where everyone is on a boat or a ski hill. Outside of best in class wind noise management, it has excellent ability to pick up soft sound in the environment. I often find people who have used Unitron or Phonak hearing aids in the past will really notice a huge difference when listening through a Widex hearing aid because of the soft sound enhancements. Another thing we like about Widex is their easy to use accessories for enhancement of TV and phone. They also have a voice who actually speaks the words "low battery" so you know exactly what to do.

Widex also has an option for those with single sided deafness called a CROS or a BICROS hearing aid. The works well and is easy to use.


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