Unitron: “Love the Experience”

Unitron is a hearing aid manufacturer that was founded in 1964 in Canada and is part of the Sonova group, along with Phonak. Most of Unitron’s research is done in Kitchener, Ontario, and they also have a manufacturing facility in Mississauga, Ontario.

The newest Unitron hearing aid is the Discover Moxi Jump R. Sharing some similarities with the Phonak Marvel, the Moxi Jump R is a lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid that offers a full day of charge, can connect to all Bluetooth devices, with hands-free cell phone connectivity.

One of Unitron’s unique features is that they are “future proof” -  for patients who are wearing the basic level hearing aids, they offer the option to temporarily upgrade to a higher level of technology, allowing them to see if the increase in technology makes a significant difference to their hearing. If it does, they can permanently upgrade by paying the difference in cost between technology levels.

Starting at $1,750 each ($3,500 for a pair), the Unitron Moxi Jump R is a great entry-level product capable of fitting a wide range of hearing losses, with a stylish design and the ease-of-use and flexibility to fit any patient’s lifestyle.

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