Unitron: “Love the Experience”

Unitron is a hearing aid manufacturer that was founded in 1964 in Canada and is now part of the Sonova group, along with Phonak. Most of Unitron’s research is done in Kitchener, Ontario, and they also have a manufacturing facility in Mississauga, Ontario.
The newest Unitron hearing aid is the Discover Next (DX). Sharing some similarities with the Phonak Marvel, the DX is a lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid that offers a full day of charge, can connect to all Bluetooth® devices, and offers hands-free cell phone connectivity.
The DX’s new SoundCore technology offer a wide range of features to help speech be heard clearly, including features to lift soft speech and provide accurate spatial awareness.

Unitron Discover Next (DX) hearing aids

A full range of accessories

The DX platform connects directly to a full range of accessories including a TV streamer, partner microphone, remote control, and Phonak’s Roger system.

Unitron Discover Next (DX) hearing aid accessories

The Unitron DX is a great entry-level product capable of fitting a wide range of hearing losses, with a stylish design and the ease-of-use and flexibility to fit any patient’s lifestyle.

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