Starkey was founded when William Austin purchased a small earmold company, Starkey Laboratories, in 1971 from Harold Starkey.  The Starkey Hearing Research Center is located in Berkeley, California.  Starkey developed the first “invisible-in-the-canal” hearing aid, the SoundLens, and is acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers of custom hearing aids.

Starkey also offers custom options for hearing protection, swimmers’ and sleeper earmolds, and custom earmolds for music listening and specialty listening needs.

What we like about Starkey is the amazingly small hearing aids that they can manufacture. When you want the very smallest hearing aid that fits deep inside the ear canal, Stakrey offers a product called SoundLens that surprises us in the office when we see how tiny they can b. The best part about these aids is that often, they leave enough room to add a sizeable vent so the user does not feel as plugged up by them as we see from some of the other hearing aid manufacturers. If you are looking for a tiny hearing aid, this is the choice for you.

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