Siemens, a well known company that had a hearing aid division for many years, sold its hearing aid division to a private equity group called Sivantos in 2014. Sivantos has launched a hearing aid brand called Signia that focuses on speech understanding in noise.

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Sivantos has released a new product called Primax in April 2016. The most notable feature about this hearing aid is its use of directivity to focus on speech in the presence of background noise. They utilize a feature they call SpeechMaster which attempts to measure the primary speech signal and focus the directional microphones to pick up this signal while reducing noise coming in from other directions.

Sivantos has always had the option of a rechargeable battery. This battery lasts in the device about 6-9 months and has to be replaced with ease by the user.

The Primax device is also now available in the CROS style which is the type of device used when you have no hearing in one ear and good or aidable hearing in the other ear. The CROS transmitter is NOT rechargable but it does get 8 days of battery life: one of the longest available.

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