Siemens, a well known company that had a private hearing aid division for many years, sold its hearing aid division to a private equity group called Sivantos in 2014. Sivantos has since launched a hearing aid brand called Signia. In 2018, Sivantos merged with Widex to create WS Audiology.

The Experience platform

Signia released their newest platform Experience (X), in 2019. The X product line ranges from the Pure Charge and Go, a lithium-ion rechargeable, iPhone-compatible hearing aid with an easy-to-use charger, to the Pure 10 X, a small, behind-the-ear hearing aid. For those with a hearing loss that is unaidable in one ear, Signia has a lithium-ion rechargeable CROS device, which detects and wirelessly transmits the sound from the side of the unaidable ear to the hearing aid on the aidable ear. Currently, Signia has the only CROS/hearing aid combo that is rechargeable and has direct iPhone connectivity.

Signia XPerience hearing aids

A unique feature of the X line is something called Own Voice Processing (OVP). For many new hearing aid users, the sound of their own voice is unnatural when they start wearing hearing aids. While most users will find that their own voice becomes more natural over the first couple of weeks, as consistent hearing aid use allows the brain to adjust to the amplification, some users still find the quality of their own voice to be unacceptable. In these cases, OVP can be used, which allows the hearing aids to detect the user’s voice and limit how much it is amplified, making for a more natural, acceptable sound.

The unique Styletto

Signia has radicalized what a hearing aid looks like with their unique Styletto lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid, which transforms the outdated image of hearing aids into highly sophisticated hearwear.

Signia Styletto hearwear

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