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Oticon was founded in 1904 by Hans Demant, whose wife was hard of hearing.  As a result Hans began importing and distributing hearing aids in Denmark.  In 1940, his son, William, manufactured the first Danish hearing device, and in 1946 partnered with American hearing aid producer, Charles Lehman, to found Oticon corporation with headquarters in Copenhagen.

Oticon is one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers, with innovative technologies for wireless connectivity and binaural coordination, and is one of the manufacturers of bone-anchored hearing aids.  Oticon’s philosophy is “to empower people to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively.”

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Oticon Opn Hearing Aid

Oticon Opn Hearing Aid

On June 2, 2016 Oticon released their newest hearing aid called Opn (pronounced Open).  This hearing aid is different from what we have seen in other hearing aid manufacturers because it is processing speech in noise without using directionality.  In all other hearing aids, the microphones fix to the front facing position to help people hear what they are looking at in front of them.  Now, the Opn is using a faster processor to allow the brain to process what it wants to hear by analyzing speech and noise and attempting to reduce the noise in all directions.  As well, this hearing aid connects to the iPhone for easy adjustments and seamless streaming of audio inputs.  At Broadmead Hearing Clinic, we are excited about this new way of speech processing and have had great success with this product so far.  Dr. Wright's own mom Lorraine, as well as Cassie, our receptionist at Broadmead have both chosen to use this new technology to enhance there own hearing.    We have also done some price shopping in Victoria and know that our pricing is a full $700 per ear less expensive than our competitors ($1400 for two hearing aids).  Now that is good technology at a great price!

This hearing aid is not yet available for those who have a more severe hearing loss, but we expect to see the power version out this fall (October 2016).

If you're having trouble connecting your hearing aids to your mobile device or the TV, then click on the link below for video instructions:

How to connect Oticon Opn Hearing Aids