Annual Healthy Hearing Expo

Broadmead Hearing Healthy Hearing Expo Woman on Computer with Earphones


Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2022 Healthy Hearing Online Expo!

A shout-out to our Audiologist presenters - Martine, Janet, Christine and Dr. Erin...and all of the excellent questions they received.

  • We will be loading the videos & transcripts to this page as they become available

Healthy Hearing Online Expo presentations

Managing Your Tinnitus Presentation with Martine Schlagintweit

Martine's presentation on tinnitus at the last Expo was very well attended! This year she's focusing on Tinnitus Activities Treatment, which includes counselling of the whole person and considers individual differences and needs.

Four areas of consideration are:

This is an active treatment that involves the Audiologist and the client to manage tinnitus symptoms.

Get More Benefit From Your Hearing Aids Presentation With Janet Clark

Auditory skills training is a technique used to enhance listening skills and improve speech understanding.  After diagnosis of hearing loss, it is important to train the brain to interpret and understand auditory information. This training is commonly referred to as "auditory rehabilitation" in adults.

  • Janet shares resources that empower you to improve your communication skills for the most comprehensive hearing solution.
  • Learn about the new HearingSuccess portal - a toolkit for auditory skills training.
  • Her presentation offers an overview of what's in the portal and how auditory skills training (hearing re/habilitation) can benefit you!

How to Use Apps With Hearing Aids Presentation With Christine Stangeland

We get a lot of questions about connecting hearing aids to Bluetooth. It can be a tad intimidating to think about if you've never connected a device to your hearing aids before. But it's not hard. And once you get the hang of it, we're sure you'll love this feature!

Christine explains Bluetooth and hearing aids in her presentation:


What's New for 2022 Presentation With Dr. Erin Wright

Dr. Erin Wright's talk is always a crowd favourite. There's a lot of fantastic information that she is packing into her presentation:

  • Find out how hearing aid manufacturers are improving hearing in background noise.
  • Learn about which hearing aids that are providing two-way calling with your cellphone.
  • Learn about the new Phonak Virto Paradise custom hearing aid.
  • Find out which hearing aid can fit completely in the ear and have Bluetooth.
  • Learn about new smart chargers.
  • Find out what features Signia has launched.


And we awarded a premium pair of Oticon hearing aids...

Doug Bell won a pair of premium Oticon hearing aids just for attending the Healthy Hearing Expo!

Dr. Erin Wright Awards Doug Bell His Premium Oticon Hearing Aids


Need to see an Audiologist?

If you have questions and would like to see an Audiologist, please call us or request an appointment online to schedule an appointment: Broadmead Hearing Clinic: 250-479-2969 or Oak Bay Hearing Clinic: 250-479-2921.