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Healthy Hearing Expo Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who helped make our 10th Annual Healthy Hearing Expo a huge success at the Victoria Conference Center.  We love that so many people in our community came out to learn more about hearing loss and technology options currently available to manage hearing.  As well, a big thank you to all of the hearing aid manufacturers for supporting the event and being open and available to answer some great questions from our community members.

Thank you to Oticon and Resound who each donated a set of premium level hearing aids to be drawn as a door prize. 

The winners are…

Oticon Hearing Aids – Mr. Doug Robertson

Resound Hearing Aids – Mr. David Bourke

There were several other small prizes that were drawn on Thursday April 11 and the winners were notified.

We had educational seminars done by Audiologists which were captioned in real time and as a reminder, the transcripts from the talks will be put up on our website within the next few weeks.  As well, I did interviews with each of the manufacturers asking about their new and exciting features in each product.  Watch for those videos to come out on our Facebook page and YouTube channel soon.

Thank you again to all of those who came out to make the day truly a success. 

If you have any thoughts or ideas of subjects you’d like to hear more about for next year, please let me know at erin@broadmeadhearing.com.

How to Get Used To Hearing Aids

Here is a fabulous article by Consumer Reports about the process of getting used to your new hearing aids.

You can click below to enlarge: