14th Annual Healthy Hearing Expo

Transcripts from our Healthy Hearing Expo are coming soon!

Click here to read the transcript for ‘Your Hearing and Cognition’ by Shally Yuan, Audiologist at Phonak Canada

Click here to read the transcript for ‘Technology Innovation in Hearing Aids’ by Lia Best, Audiologist at Oticon Canada.

Hearing Aid Draw

Attendees of our 14th Annual Healthy Hearing Expo were given the chance to enter a draw and win a pair of Premium Technology hearing aids.

We are excited to announce the winner of the free hearing aids from our 14th Annual Healthy Hearing Expo…

Fred Sexton!

Photo of Fred and his new hearing aids coming soon. 

Helping people hear better.

What would better hearing mean to you?

How you interact with people is part of who you are. Is your hearing holding you back? If it’s getting harder to communicate or you’ve stopped enjoying social activities, it’s time to answer that question.

People who see us about their hearing say:

  • Speech is muffled or unclear.
  • It’s hard to hear with competing background noise.
  • Others say the volume of the TV or radio is loud.
  • Tinnitus, a ringing or other sound in the ear, is bothersome.
  • It’s difficult hearing on the phone.

If it has been more than 2 years since your last hearing test, we recommend a Hearing Evaluation. The good news is that our clinicians can improve your hearing so that you hear better for life!

A foundation of clinical expertise

Established in 2006, Broadmead, Oak Bay and Colwood Hearing Clinics aim to set the standard for auditory care in Victoria. Embracing advanced technology and innovation, we seek to improve your quality of life with a solution that’s tailored for you.

Experienced Hearing Professionals

Our team of Hearing Professionals has advanced university-level training for diagnosing and treating hearing loss, balance disorders, and evaluating tinnitus.

Our clinicians receive extensive training on counselling focused on hearing and auditory processing as well as expectations around the use of hearing aids.

If a medical condition is causing hearing loss that cannot be addressed by hearing aids our clinicians can help lead you in the right direction.

We are independently-owned

Being independent allows us to choose from any hearing aid manufacturer to find the perfect hearing aids for you.

Do you want to hear better for life?

An Audiologist at Broadmead Hearing Counselling a Client

Learn how better hearing can improve your quality of life, mental health, and is one of the secrets to aging well.

Download our Hear Better for Life guide to better hearing.

Don’t just take our word for it…

You may recognize one of our clients. Even though Randy is a celebrated musician his story about hearing loss echoes what so many of our clients say: I waited to deal with my hearing loss until it became a problem.

“My hearing aids are fantastic! Most musicians lose the “top end” of their hearing spectrum and I am no exception. We don’t notice it when we speak because it’s common that rock musicians speak louder to each other because of this loss. However, conversations with others become problematic.

My hearing instruments are great for normal conversations, meetings and especially when finalizing sound mixes to make sure I haven’t boosted the “top end” of the music to intolerable decibels for normal ears. They are also undetectable when being worn which is an important cosmetic feature.

Thanks to Oak Bay Hearing Clinic in Victoria for her efforts in helping with my hearing loss. The world has become a different place and I didn’t realize how many wonderful sounds I was missing until I got my aids.”

Randy Bachman

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