Hear better ALL summer

Wind in the trees, birdsong, children's voices, trickling water. This is what natural sound is about.
Hearing aid manufacturer Widex has introduced an exciting new rechargeable hearing solution called Moment™ that offers natural sound, even in noisy situations. 

What is an Audiologist?


When someone asks me, “What is an Audiologist?” I often find the answer involves more than a brief description because the term Audiologist—when compared to other health professionals such as physiotherapists, optometrists, and dentists—is not well known. To help explain what an Audiologist does (hint: they don’t record music), I have answered the most commonly asked questions that I receive about Audiologists and what Audiology means.

How Concussions Impact Hearing and Balance

By Martine Schlagintweit, M.Sc., AUD, Aud(C), RHIP

Why you should see your Audiologist after experiencing a concussion.

While the media spotlight has focused on sport-related concussions in recent years, Audiologists have been treating changes in hearing and balance resulting from concussions for the past three decades. From our experience, anyone with a concussion—including veterans, athletes, seniors, workers, and children—must treat it as an important health concern.

Hearing Loss And Social Isolation

By Martine Schlagintweit, M.Sc., AUD, Aud(C), RHIP

Social distancing measures relating to the COVID-19 outbreak have been in place in British Columbia for well over a month now. And while social distancing is unusual for most of us, people with untreated hearing loss experience social isolation on a day-to-day basis, often for years. 

Telehealth For Hearing Aid Users

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way healthcare professionals interact with their patients. Some clinicians have been doing telehealth appointments for a while now; others are having to get on board quickly to be able to serve their patients during this crisis. 
Telehealth is a platform for clinicians to interact with their patients remotely either over the phone, using a tablet or a computer’s camera (webcam).