New Technology Event: Introducing Oticon More

Hear more, with less effort.

For our spring new technology event we're featuring the new Oticon More™, a ground-breaking industry first, using artificial intelligence and a deep neural network to more effectively process sound.

Oticon More™ hearing aids have been trained with 12 million real life sound scenes and the results are exceptional speech clarity.

Diabetes & Hearing Loss: Silent Partners

Why do we call diabetes a silent partner?

Diabetes and hearing loss are two of Canada’s most widespread health concerns, with hearing loss left largely unrecognized and undertreated. Over 3 million people in Canada have diabetes, and an estimated 4.6 million Canadians aged 20 to 79 years have some degree of hearing loss.

Given the invisible nature of both, is there a link between the two?

Meniere’s disease: symptoms, diagnosis and professional treatment

What is Meniere’s disease?

Meniere’s disease is a long-term, progressive illness that damages the organs of the inner ear responsible for hearing and balance.

Symptoms of Meniere’s disease:

  • Long episodes of vertigo
  • Hearing loss
  • Pressure
  • Loud tinnitus in the affected ear

In the early stages, hearing sensitivity may recover after each episode.  As the disease progresses, hearing loss almost always reaches profound levels rendering the ear functionally deaf.

Hearing is An Expression of Love


This story is from several years ago, but it still rings true today. It was a weekend that my mom and her sister were at our house for dinner.  My mom was talking about her experience using hearing aids to her inquiring sister.  Her sister was noticing hearing loss and was trying to get a sense from my mom of what it would be like to use hearing aids. I stood chopping veggies in the kitchen overhearing this conversation with keen interest and it was a simple statement that my mom made that gave me pause.

Tinnitus Success Story


My patient Susan had severe tinnitus and I thought I would share my chart notes about her progress with tinnitus because it is inspiring.  If you are someone suffering with tinnitus, know that there are non invasive and organic options out there.

3 valuable lessons that will help you find lost hearing aids

A cautionary tale of a hearing aid lost and found during Covid 19

By Jim Johnston, Oak Bay Hearing Clinic client

Face masks are highly recommended and vital in these pandemic times but as most of you will have found out, donning and removing them poses special hazards for your hearing aids and possibly your wallet.