Martine Schlagintweit, M.Sc., R.Aud., Aud(c)


I belong to a lively, loud and loving network of family members and friends which taught me the value of ease of communication from an early age. I have a deep appreciation of quality communication, and an understanding of the connection that is missed when hearing impairment interferes with our ability to communicate. This is what drives my passion for helping my clients optimise their hearing health. As an Audiologist with Broadmead Hearing Clinic, I combine contemporary clinical knowledge with the latest advances in hearing aid technology, to create solutions that allow my clients to achieve their communication potential.

I completed my undergraduate degree, a B.Sc. in Linguistics, at the University of Victoria in 2014. Following a two-year interim spent travelling the world and working in a variety of healthcare settings, I enrolled at the University of British Columbia in 2016 to complete my Masters in Audiology. I was honoured to receive a Canadian Academy of Audiology student award for academic excellence and my work promoting the profession of Audiology; I was also recognized by Speech and Audiology Canada for having achieved the highest score on the clinical licensing examination in my sitting.

I like it when people have a good laugh and its my personal goal to make sure you always hear the punch line! I look forward to meeting you.