Phonak: “Life is On”

Phonak was founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1947 by a group of French-Belgian investors. Phonak entered the North American market in 1989. They have been an innovative influence in the hearing aid world, with unique technologies for wireless connectivity, FM systems, CROS technology and pediatric amplification.
Phonak released the Audéo Paradise in September 2020. The Paradise is a follow up to Phonak’s successful Marvel hearing aid, which was the first hearing aid able to connect to any Bluetooth® device (Apple, Android, and more) and allow for binaural streaming of media and phone calls. The Paradise has both zinc-air (disposable) and lithium-ion (rechargeable) battery options. For those with an active lifestyle, the rechargeable Paradise is a great option, as it has an IP68 rating, making it resistant to both water and dust, and its charger has a drying agent inside, which removes any moisture accumulated throughout the day.

Paradise is built on the new PRISM chip, and adds the following great new features:

  • Increased Bluetooth Connectivity: connect hearing aids simultaneously to 2 bluetooth devices, and up to 8 bluetooth connections.
  • Adaptive Phonak Digital (APD) 2.0 fitting formula: designed to balance audibility, loudness and sound quality.
  • Speech Enhancer: designed to boost soft speech at a distance in quiet situations.
  • Dynamic Noise Cancellation: automatically reduces background noise around you so that it is easier to hear the speech in front of you.
  • Tap Control: this feature allows you to answer and end phone calls from your smartphone and pause and resume streaming from your connected devices. It also gives you easy access to voice assistant applications.
  • Motion Sensor Hearing: detects whether you are standing or moving and adjusts the microphones to optimize your ability to hear speech. 

Phonak Paradise hearing aids

The Paradise platform continues to use Phonak’s Autosense technology.

Developed with artificial intelligence, AutoSense OS 4.0 is the perfect orchestration of features for the ideal personalized experience in any sound environment. This operating system allows the hearing aid to sense what environment it is in and automatically switch the settings to maximize hearing and comfort. 

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