Healthy Hearing Expo 2019

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Healthy Hearing Expo such a success! 

The transcrips from each talk, will be up on our website within a couple of weeks.

Thanks again!


You are invited to our 10th Annual Healthy Hearing Expo!


Our 9th Annual Healthy Hearing Expo was a huge success!

We will have the transcripts from each speaker up on the website by the end of the month.


When: Tuesday, April 3 10am-3pm

Where: Victoria Conference Centre, 720 Douglas St. Victoria


You will have a unique opportunity to ask questions and speak with leading hearing aid manufacturers, see their new products, listen to speakers and collect free giveaways.

Representatives from the hearing aid manufacturers will be present showcasing their products and answering your questions.

Our scheduled presentations include:

‘What’s New for Hearing Technology in 2018’ - Dr. Erin Wright, Audiologist

‘The Effects of Hearing Loss on the Body’ - Alison Love, Audiologist

‘Utilizing Widex Zen Therapy to Effectively Manage Tinnitus’ - Dr. Lia Best, Audiologist

‘I’m Hearing as Hard as I Can’ - Gael Hannan, Humorist

There is always something new to learn and some amazing prizes to be won. You can even enter our draw to win a set of Premium Hearing Aids!

This is always a free event and no registration is needed. We truly hope to see you there!


Our 8th Annual Healthy Hearing Expo 2017 was a huge success!

We now have the transcripts available from each of the presentations.

Click here for transcripts:

Healthy Hearing Transcripts 2017

The presentations:

10:30 - 'Current Research Regarding the Effects of Hearing Loss' by Lia Best, Audiologist

11:30 - 'Understanding and Managing Tinnitus' by Alison Love, Audiologist

12:30 - 'Challenges Surrounding Hearing in Noisy Environments' by Kate Yakimow, Audiologist

1:30 - 'What's New for Hearing Aid Technology in 2017' by Dr. Erin Wright, AuD Audiologist

Healthy Hearing Transcripts 2016