Healthy Hearing Expo 2018 Transcripts


Good morning, everybody.  Welcome to our ninth annual healthy hearing Expo.  We're very glad that you could all join us and excited to be able to put this on as an event in community to provide a bit of education to people around the often‑complex condition of hearing loss. 

My name's Erin Wright.  I don't know if I introduced myself already, but I'm one of four and coming up five audiologists that work at our hearing clinic and I just wanted to start by just mentioning that we are doing some free hearing screenings today as well.  If anybody is interested in a free screening, it's in this little quiet room next door called the Sooke room.  There is a woman named Zan, who is signing people up, so if anyone is interested in having the hearing screening, you can see any of us in the burgundy scarves and we'll direct you to Zan and get you signed up for a hearing test.

I would also like to thank Oticon Hearing.  Oticon is providing the captioning services for the talks today.  As you can see, we have a realtime captioner there in the corner, who's doing a fantastic job at keeping up with the speed of how quickly I'm talking.  The captioning, we've done this every year and it's wonderful because at the end they give us transcripts of the talks that we can put up on our website for anybody who wants to kind of review what the talks were about, if you forget.  They'll be up on our website in about a month. 

So the first talk today is by Alison Love.  Alison is one of the audiologists that works in our Broadmead Hearing Clinic, and Alison is going to be talking today about the effects of hearing loss on the body.  So welcome, Alison.   (Applause)


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Good morning, everyone.  Thank you for coming to our ninth annual healthy hearing Expo.  My name is Erin Wright.  I'm one of the audiologists, one of five audiologists, at Broadmead and Oak Bay Hearing Clinic and we're proud to sponsor this community event so people can gather a little bit of information, learn a little bit about topics like tinnitus and hearing loss, speak directly to the actual hearing‑aid manufacturer reps, collect a bit of information.  So thank you guys for taking this opportunity.

I'd like to just start also by thanking Oticon.  Oticon sponsored the realtime captioner for the event and so we have this wonderful captioner in the corner who's so speedy, she can keep up with my speedy talking.  At the end they give us the transcripts for the talk and we put them on our website, so if you forget something, you can go back on the website and read through the transcripts of each talk.

So the next talk is being done by Dr. Lia Best.  So Lia is one of the audiologists who works in the Broadmead Hearing Clinic location.  She's been there for five years and she has researched this topic ‑‑ or this talk in collaboration with one of the audiologists that works for Widex Canada.  So Widex has a patented particular method of managing tinnitus that Lia is going to be talking about today.  So welcome, Lia.  (Applause)


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I'm glad to see this turnout for Gael's talk today.  Before I introduce Gael, I just want to tell you guys about the captioning services.  So we have something called realtime captioning and it's sponsored by Oticon Hearing and we have this wonderful captioner in the corner who's keeping up with the speed of how everyone talks, how fast we all talk, and she gives us the transcripts at the end that we are able to put up on our website, so if you want to review any of the talks, you can go in to our website and read the transcripts.

My name is Dr. Erin Wright.  I am an audiologist and owner of Oak Bay and Broadmead Hearing Clinics.


DR. ERIN WRIGHT:  I have a fan!  And we're very, very happy and proud to be able to put on this healthy hearing expo to provide a little bit of education to the community about options around hearing‑aids and managing hearing loss.

So this year, for the first year, we have author, humourist, public speaker, Gael Hannan.  Gael has done talks in the audiology conference circuit for a long time and she's recently written this book called The Way I Hear It.  We have some of these books at our Broadmead clinic.  She also has them for sale if you are interested.  She's brought some books today to do ‑‑ to sell at the talk here if anybody's interested. 

So I'd like to welcome Gael.  Thank you.  (Applause)

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Good afternoon, everybody.  Welcome to our ninth annual Healthy Hearing Expo.  Can everybody hear me back there?

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