Erin Wright

Erin is the visionary founder behind Broadmead Hearing Clinic, a beloved locally owned and operated hearing clinic that has been transforming lives in the Victoria community since 2006.  With a deep-rooted passion for improving the quality of life for those with hearing challenges, Dr. Wright embarked on a journey to establish a clinic that would bring personalized care and cutting-edge solutions closer to home.  Over the years, Broadmead Hearing Clinic flourished into a local treasure, providing comprehensive diagnostic assessments, state-of-the-art hearing aids, and personalized treatment plans.  In 2011, a second location was opened in Oak Bay. 

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dr. Wright was an active advocate for hearing health awareness within the community.  Her involvement in local events such as the Annual Healthy Hearing Expo, and her willingness to share knowledge further solidified her legacy as a true community champion. 

With Dr. Wright’s recent retirement, the Victoria community bids a fond farewell to a leader who dedicated her life to making a positive impact.  Broadmead Hearing Clinic and Oak Bay Hearing Clinic stand as testaments to her vision, embodying a commitment to compassionate care and life-changing results that will continue to resonate for generations of hearing care professionals to come.  Although Dr. Wright is no longer actively practicing in the clinics, she continues to offer mentorship to clinicians and promotes clinical excellence for auditory care at Broadmead Hearing Clinic and Oak Bay Hearing Clinic.

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