Communication Strategies Class


Strategies for Hearing Loss

Research is clear that people who attend Aural Rehabilitation classes do better with their hearing aids.

In this class, Audiologists will help you to understand what it means to have hearing loss.  Hearing aids are only a portion of the solution; we will teach other valuable techniques to employ in order to maximize your hearing abilities.  We strongly encourage spouses or family members to attend to gain an understanding about what it means to live with someone who has hearing loss.

You will be joined by other people who have received hearing aids in the past month so you can hear other people's experiences as well.

Next Class:    

(Please note that all Communication Classes are held at our Broadmead location)

Tuesday January 14th from 5-6pm

Tuesday February 11th from 5-6pm

Tuesday March 10th from 5-6pm

Tuesday April 14 from 5-6pm

Tuesday May 12 from 5-6pm

Classes are held at:

Broadmead Hearing Clinic
4430 Chatterton Way

Please RSVP to the event at 250-479-2969 so we can bring enough handouts and cookies.