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Medical Grade Titanium Hearing Aids

Hearing aids keep getting smaller, and better.  I love technology.  I love how it constantly gets better and small steps each time equal large movements forward. 

I also love the advantage we have of being an independent hearing clinic how we can offer all the newest products to our clients.  

The newest thing announced today…

Medical Grade Titanium Hearing Aids.

Why is this important to you?

- Smaller hearing aids that fit deeper into the ear canal.  Titanium allows the shell of the hearing aid to be as thick as a dollar. 

- This means less room for shell material means more space for venting and components

- Better hypoallergenic material.  Having something sit millimeters from your eardrum in a part of your body with sensitive skin can mean itching and irritation at times.      Medical grade titanium promises to solve these issues.

- Longer lasting.  Using material that is stronger will naturally protect the components inside

- 15x stronger than the existing acrylic material.  This means dropped hearing aids or cracks will no longer be an issue.

The anticipated launch date of this product is April 3, 2017.

Best Hearing Aids of 2016

We have seen a host of new product launches in 2016 and I thought that to be in keeping with lists of new years that we would write our own best of 2016 list. 

Here goes!

Best Sound Quality

Winner:  Oticon Opn1Oticon launched this new product in June and for many hearing losses it is best in its class for sound management

Best Budget Hearing Aid

Winner:  Phonak Audeo B30.    Phonak’s September launch of their rechargeable series gave us access to a hearing aid with a lot of features for the least cost. 

Best for Simplicity

Winner:  Siemens Binax Pure hearing aids.   These rechargeable hearing aids with custom ear molds are the easiest for people who have any challenges with vision or dexterity. 

Best Invisible Aid

Winner:  Starkey Soundlense.  Starkey has been able to fit all of the hearing aid components into a package so small it surprises me each time I see them.  They are so cute!  Tiny.  And they fit incredibly deep into the canal. 

Best Accessories

Winner:  Resound.  The variety of microphones and ways to connect to computers, kitchen radios, cell phones and other people is unmatched.  There is nothing you can’t connect to when you use Resound aids. 

Best iPhone App

Winner:  Widex.  Their new Beyond hearing aid has just been released this month and the options on the app for the hearing aid user are awesome.  Ways to mix sound, different settings for speech and music and a host of other things to play with. 

Happy New Year!


Top 3 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Hearing Aid User

1.  Tv Adaptors-  these wireless devices stream TV audio into hearing aids wirelessly. The advantage to using this over headphones is that you are not cut off from the room like you are with headphones so you can still converse with your partner while hearing the TV.  Added bonus- you can leave the room and not lose any sound! 

Cost $100-$300 dependent on model


2.  Electronic Dry Aid Kit-  this is a step up from the regular desiccant beads.  This kit comes from Widex (but can be used with all hearing aids) and is amazing at drawing out moisture from a hearing aid to prolong its life.  Cost $100


3.  Auxiliary Microphone-  this handy device can be clipped to the speaker and the voice is steamed to the hearing aids without the noise in the room .  As someone with normal hearing I have been known to use our demo aids and clip the microphone to my husband in the car because he is soft spoken plus the car noise makes it a strain to hear.  Not with the mini mics. These wireless devices makes listening easy.  Bonus: they do double duty when you plug the into the headphones jack of your kitchen stereo .  This allows you to stream all the music or talk radio you want into your hearing aids! 

Cost & $150-$1100

3 reasons to get hearing aids before the end of 2016

1. Without fail at the end of each year we have a dozen or so people who are smart enough to realize if they purchase hearing aids within the 2016 calendar year that they can claim this expense as a tax deduction.  This not only goes for hearing aids but also for batteries and repairs.  Added to other medical expenses people incur each year in things like dental, prescriptions and even insurance premiums, the benefits can be worth the extra planning.  If you are considering hearing aids keep this in mind and you can enjoy them over Christmas plus get the tax break!

2. Have improved hearing for the upcoming social season.  Many people have a lot on the go in December and will put off their hearing until the new year.  Why miss all of the Christmas dynamics with Aunt Liz making quiet side bar remarks about Auntie Linda that send you into gut splitting laughter.  Enjoy hearing these moments when they come up.

3.  In January many of the hearing aid companies raise their pricing so you will miss out on some great promotional pricing. Oticon sale pricing will end Dec 31 as will Resound's and Siemens.

New Technology in Hearing Aids

Every few months we see something new come into the hearing aid market.  This is great for those who are hard of hearing because each iteration moves technology closer to the end goal of better hearing.  I would like to recap the newest products we have seen in the last few months.

The newest product:  The Widex Beyond hearing aid.

The Widex Beyond:

This is the newest made for iPhone (MiFi) hearing aid to hit the market.  It will be available for shipping as of January 23, 2017 in Canada.  Clinics like Oak Bay and Broadmead Hearing will have priority access to this aid and it will be available November 30 to our clients. Widex has always done a great job of amplifying the soft sounds in our environments and preserving the nuances of sound.  This new hearing aid promises the longest lasting battery life when considering streaming audio to a hearing aid.  The app that they have designed has more access to user control such as an equalizer band and easy access to changing the microphone pick up.  

The Phonak Belong:

This is Phonak's newest product launched in September 2016 and its primary feature is the rechargeable battery.  It is NOT made for iPhone and still uses the streamer to connect to phones and TVs.  It is nice for those who don't want to change batteries weekly and they have guaranteed a 3 year battery life.  The battery is integrated inside the hearing aid and will need to be returned to Phonak in order to change it.  What they have also incorporated into this product is the new Sound Recover 2.  This is excellent for those who have hearing loss that is profound in the high frequencies because it truly improves speech clarity.

The Oticon Opn:

A June release of this product has given us time to evaluate its effectiveness.  This product has truly improved peoples ability to understand speech in noise.  November 11 was finally the release of their firmware upgrade which will allow us to fit more hearing losses as well as the introduction of the Opn2 and Opn3.  These new additions to the family of Opn aids provide a few more price points.