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New Hearing Aid Technology from Unitron

In this video I am talking to Tali, the Unitron representative.  Unitron has a new product that is both rechargeable and can stream phone calls from an android phone to hearing aids.

Watch the video below to learn more!


Newest Hearing Aid Technology from Widex

In this video I am speaking with Ryan from Widex.  Widex has just announced the release of their new product called “Evoke”.  Evoke will be available mid-May, and at the time of this video, Ryan was not allowed to talk in advance about the product, but we know now they have a more powerful and flexible processing chip than ever before. 

It is also using a new app called Evoke, which gives people more flexibility in adjusting their hearing aid via the app.

It still has iPhone connectivity and rechargeability.

New Hearing Aid Technology from ReSound

In this video I am speaking to Susan from Resound. Resound is working hard on their platform to assist with telehealth.  If you have a Resound hearing aid, you can use the app to send an email to your Audiologist who can then pull up your hearing file, make an adjustment to your hearing aids, then send that adjustment through the cloud and back to your device.

From the device, you can load the change your Audiologist made and then choose to accept the change if you like it or reject it to return to previous settings.

Very exciting technology!



Oticon's New Hearing Aid Technology for 2018

In this video you will hear me talking to our Oticon Rep, Rebecca. She's describing how Oticon’s Brain Hearing Platform works by analyzing sound environments and cleaning up the signal for maximum speech intelligibility in a noisy environment. This is exciting technology and I recommend you take a look! Erin

What's New in Phonak Hearing Aids for 2018

Phonak is ramping up its efforts to have the most complete portfolio of rechargeable hearing aids.  In the video below I am talking to Daryl the Phonak rep. 

What we didn’t talk about is the mid-May release of their rechargeable CROS hearing aid.  The CROS is a type of hearing aid for those with single sided deafness.   CROS style aids are traditionally very battery hungry devices, so the release of this device will be a much-anticipated product. 

They have also released their power version of their Belong, or “B” platform which has a proprietary fitting formula to help better fit people who have severe hearing loss.