Telehealth For Hearing Aid Users

Telehealth video conferencing hearing appointment
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way healthcare professionals interact with their patients. Some clinicians have been doing telehealth appointments for a while now; others are having to get on board quickly to be able to serve their patients during this crisis. 
Telehealth is a platform for clinicians to interact with their patients remotely either over the phone, using a tablet or a computer’s camera (webcam).
When it comes to audiology, many hearing aid manufacturers have created online platforms for audiologists to remotely adjust a client’s hearing aids outside of the office. Typically, most audiologists agree that we can do so much more to help clients in person. However, we have found telehealth useful for clients who live in remote areas or those in poor health who can’t make it into the office. The client needs to have access to a smartphone, computer or tablet to enable telehealth appointments. 

Online support is available

During the COVID-19 situation, we are offering online support for clients who need adjustments. This works well for clients who have recently been fit with hearing aids and are adjusting to new sounds around them. I have had a few telehealth appointments for clients who have recently been fit with hearing aids. The clients logged in through an app on their phone and I was able to video-chat with them to address their needs, make real-time adjustments to their hearing aids, and save the adjustments remotely to their hearing aids. It worked seamlessly and our clients were pleased that they were able to have their hearing aids adjusted quickly in the comfort of their own home. 

We are able to do telehealth adjustments for the following hearing aids:

  • Phonak – all Marvel and B-direct 
  • ReSound – Linx 3D and Linx Quattro, Enzo Q and Enzo 3D
  • Signia –  NX or X models
  • Oticon – Opn or Opn S, xceed, siya and Ruby models
  • Widex – Moment, Evoke, Beyond, Dream and unique models (needs an adaptor)
  • Starkey – Livio and Livio Edge

If you require assistance, or are unsure if you can do a telehealth adjustment with your hearing aids, please email or call us at Broadmead: 250.479.2969 or Oak Bay: 250.479.2921.

Here is a photo of Audiologist Martine Schlagintweit and I checking our telehealth setup. It works very well and it's nice to see a friendly face!

Audiologists Martine and Lia practicing telehealth on their smartphones