Starkey Livio Edge AI: A World First!

Rechargeable hearing aid Starkey Livio


Starkey has released the first-ever custom (in-the-ear) rechargeable hearing aid, the Livio Edge AI. Starkey is using the reliable lithium-ion battery, a mainstay in behind-the-ear hearing aid technology since 2016. The hearing aids are placed in a contact charger every night and can be used for up to 23 hours before needing to be recharged. The hearing aid is visible in the ear in order to make room for the battery and other features but the black design with gold battery contacts give it a high tech look. It is available in traditional hearing aid colours as well. 


Starkey Livio AI In-the-ear Hearing Aid


4 key features that set the Livio Edge AI apart from other hearing aids:

Edge mode:

Edge mode is a feature that improves speech understanding in the presence of background noise. It is available by tapping twice on either hearing aid to achieve a crisper, clearer speech signal in difficult-to-hear listening environments like in a restaurant, at a party or in a crowd. 

Fall Alert System:

Research shows that hearing loss is linked to an increased risk of falls. This hearing aid has sensors built-in and will detect when the hearing aid user has fallen. The hearing aid will relay this information to their smartphone and will automatically send a text message to 3 pre-selected emergency contacts. This feature can offer peace-of-mind for caregivers of those most at risk of falling. Starkey has really focused on features that can contribute to improving quality of living as well as improving quality of hearing. 

Voice commands:

This hearing aid can translate 27 different languages in real time. This feature operates through Starkey's Thrive App and will display the translation on the screen and by voice directly into the hearing aid. In addition, voice access to Siri is provided for voice-activated commands (for example, "Call Abigail") or set reminders for appointments and tasks, such as when to take medications. 

Starkey Livio Edge AI has direct connectivity via Bluetooth® to iPhone and Android smartphones. Any audio, including phone calls, audio books, Facetime, music or podcasts, can be streamed directly through both hearing aids for a clear, crisp sound.  

The Thrive App can be downloaded on both Apple and Android 7.0+ smartphones. The app is a remote control for the hearing aids, allowing the user to increase or decrease the volume on the hearing aids or change the program. It also records information on physical activity (step count) and social engagements which can then be shared with individuals of the wearer's choice. This can be valuable information for any caregiver who wants to know, for example, if their loved one is awake and going about their everyday routines. Through the Thrive App, the hearing aids can be checked to ensure proper functionality without having to visit the clinic. 


Starkey Livio Thrive App on an Iphone


Balance Builder App:

And finally, their new Balance Builder App provides guided exercises to improve balance, stability, strength and gait using data from head movements detected by sensors in the hearing aid. In our evaluation, this hearing aid has the most features for clients with hearing loss who have concurrent balance issues. 

This is an exciting time for hearing aids. Starkey is a leader in custom in-the-ear rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aids and in terms of the "health-able" hearing aid technology. If you are interested in learning more about whether the Starkey Livio Edge AI is right for your hearing loss and lifestyle, call us for an appointment - we love talking about new technology!
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