Resound launches the new Linx3D

True to its nature, Resound is again, leading the industry in innovation.  Resound is one of the six big hearing aid manufacturers and has historically been first to market with numerous technological innovations, including the first hearing aid to connect to the iPhone.  Resound has recently released their new Linx 3D hearing aid.  This product is similar to their existing Linx2 hearing aid but with updates to the operating system and an improved microphone directionality system which is designed to be able to hear from all directions in more complicated environments.  But the biggest and most exciting development is with the ability to make remote adjustments to the hearing aids.  Audiologists will be able to make an adjustment to the hearing aid without you having to come into the clinic.

This is how it works.

  1. You order and are fitted with the hearing aids by your Audiologist in the clinic.  The Audiologist connects your hearing aid to your iPhone (this feature works only if your hearing aids can be connected to your iPhone/iPad/iPod).  
  1. You take them into your world and notice how you are hearing.  If you are having trouble, you can send a message to your Audiologist through the app on your iPhone. For example, you might say, “I’m reading my newspaper, and the sound of paper rustling is far too loud.” 
  1. The Audiologist would retrieve this message on her computer the following day, make an adjustment to the settings in your hearing aid, and send those adjustments through a dedicated cloud back to your iPhone. You will receive a message through your app and when you accept it, the hearing aids will automatically download the new settings.

We would prefer to do all of our adjustments face-to-face in the clinic. However, this feature would be handy for those who live a distance from their clinic or find travel to be difficult.  A few of our clients live live in Qualicum Beach and even as far as Haida Gwaii.

All of this enhanced technology has not spiked the cost of the hearing aid.  It is comparable in price to the other major hearing aid manufacturers. If you think this technology would be worth a try, give us a call and book an appointment to see one of our Audiologists.