Phonak Marvel Demo Event

From February 11-14, 2019 we are offering people in our community the opportunity to try the newest hearing technology for a month in their own environments.  If you are already signed up for the event, this is what your experience will look like:

Appointment Day:  You will come to our clinic for your appointment and have your hearing assessed by our Audiologist Erin Wright. Should she determine that hearing aids may be beneficial, you will be fit with a set of Phonak Marvel 90 rechargeable hearing aids on that day by another of our Audiologists.  You will be shown how to use them, how to connect them to your phone (should you wish) and how to work them with a TV.  You will then leave the clinic with them, all free of charge.

Your first follow up appointment will be two weeks later.  This will give you a chance to test them out in your real-world environments and discuss the sound quality or the way they feel in your ears with your Audiologist.  Adjustments may be made, and you will head home again with them for two more weeks.

At your four-week appointment, you can return them if you feel they are not meeting your needs or purchase them should you feel they are improving your quality of life.  At this point, you will have an additional 2-month trial period should you change your mind and want a refund or want to change products to a different hearing aid manufacturer.

The last time we did a demo event was in late 2016 for the Oticon Opn product which was a leap ahead at the time.  We believe now that the Phonak Marvel has a new chip which is worth testing.

Phonak has launched this product nationally with a promotional price for the first three months.  The pricing on the Marvel is discounted until the end of February 2019.  Please call our clinic if you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity. If you can’t make the Feb 11-14 dates, let us know and we will make it work for you.