The Leading Cause of Hearing Loss is Noise Exposure

I joined a new gym this month.   Which by all accounts is great for my health and fitness.  But it got me thinking about noise exposure once more.  

The leading cause of hearing loss is noise exposure, which ironically is also the most preventable form of hearing loss.  For many people, the gradual decrease of hearing over time is not enough of a “cause and effect” to take greater care when in a noisy environment.  This new gym I joined is fantastic but as I sat listening to the music increase in volume for the 60 second sprint, I thought of the trainer, who has to work in this loud environment for 4 hours a day.  

It is hard to understand what is really happening in the ear during these hours of exposure, but this video does an amazing job with graphics to explain exactly why it is important to use consistent hearing protection.

(Once opened, click on the '60 Seconds Flat Video' link on the left hand side of the page.)

As for me, I think I will try to be a role model for those around me and put in my custom hearing protection when I clip on my heart rate monitor.