Hearing Mentors Offer Support for People with Hearing Loss

woman on a texting session with her hearing mentor


Are you looking for support in managing your hearing loss? Have you recently been diagnosed with hearing loss or finding that even though you’ve had hearing loss for years that is becoming a more difficult factor to navigate in your life?  Or, are you an experienced hearing aid user who is looking to help? The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association of BC has a new online mentoring program that I highly recommend to those who are need of support and those who are looking to give back.

Program benefits

One of the benefits of the program is that participants develop more successful and stress-free lives living with hearing loss. When they have someone who has been through similar challenges, sometimes just hearing another say “You’ve got this” and “I can help” can be a great comfort. Also, if you are someone who has spent years learning strategies and tips, finding great Audiology services, experienced the struggles and frustrations related to hearing loss, you have valuable knowledge to offer to others. You can consider becoming a mentor for people who are new to hearing loss! 

The best thing in our opinion about this new program is that is it completely online and both parties (the mentor and the mentee) can maintain anonymity. There is no expectation for any relationship outside of this platform. The sessions are designed as a weekly one-hour text chat that is set up through a secure site which is purpose-designed for this program. For more information, click this link to the Mentor Program.