Hear better ALL summer

Broadmead Hearing Widex Moment Summer 6-week Trial
Wind in the trees, birdsong, children's voices, trickling water. This is what natural sound is about.
Hearing aid manufacturer Widex has introduced an exciting new rechargeable hearing solution called Moment™ that offers natural sound, even in noisy situations. 

Moment doesn't sound like a hearing aid

Widex says that Moment delivers the most pure, natural sound ever. This is because of the way hearing aids typically process sound. 
If sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly, when the two signals mix they can be ‘out of sync'. This lag is what can create an artificial sound in hearing aids. The Moment is equipped with ultra-fast processors that remove the delay, resulting in pure and natural sound like you heard before hearing loss.

Widex Moment also features:

  • Audio streaming from all of your devices, including smartphones & your TV
  • A nano coating that resists moisture
  • Light weight, easy-to-use charger
  • mRIC R D - the smallest lithium-ion receiver-in-canal hearing aid 
  • Fingertip control from your smartphone with the Moment app

Broadmead Hearing Widex Moment man sitting at desk

Try Moment for 6 weeks (at no cost) this summer

We're receiving positive feedback on the Moment from clients who are trying it. If you want to hear more about the features of this new hearing aid - and hear the difference for yourself - request an appointment. We'd be happy to show you how Moment can improve your hearing. Offer ends August 31, 2020!
Broadmead Hearing Widex Moment 6-week Trial
If you prefer to call to schedule an appointment please do! Broadmead Hearing Clinic: 250.479.2969 or Oak Bay Hearing Clinic: 250.479.2921. We look forward to hearing from you.