Q:  I have hearing loss and have been told to deal with it.  Should I just get hearing aids?

A: Hearing loss is an injury to the body that needs appropriate management, just like any other injury.  If you have injured your knee, you may seek out a combination of medication, physical therapy, a knee brace and possibly surgery to manage your injury.  Think of hearing loss in the same way as managing another complex injury in your body.


Attached below is the position statement from Speech Audiology Canada (SAC) that states that Audiologists are “experts and leaders in designing and providing Aural Rehabilitation”.  Aural Rehabilitation is the process of managing hearing loss which includes appropriate and comprehensive diagnostics, unbiased technology recommendation, counselling, and group therapy to better understand communication strategies and environmental modifications. 

Position Statement

Audiologists are the experts in this field.

There is clearly a plethora of choices in Victoria to get hearing aids, but of the over 25 locations in Victoria, less than 5 will guarantee that your care will be in the hands of an Audiologist. Broadmead and Oak Bay Hearing Clinics have only Audiologists on staff to manage your hearing loss.

If you have any questions or would like to see one of our Audiologists please feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to book you in.