APD Testing

Broadmead Hearing APD Testing

Sometimes sounds aren’t processed right

The following can be signs that the central auditory nervous system is not functioning in a typical way:

  • Difficulty hearing in background noise
  • Challenges following verbal instructions
  • Mixing up similar sounds leading to frequent miscommunications

If you, your child, or someone you know faces these challenges with hearing and listening, they may have an auditory processing disorder (APD). We provide a comprehensive evaluation of the ear and the central auditory system’s ability to process complex sounds and offer recommendations for strategies and technology to help manage in these listening environments.

Testing takes place over 2 sessions

Central auditory processing (CAP) testing at Broadmead Hearing Clinic is completed in two sessions.

Session 1:

The first session is comprised of a hearing evaluation, as well as the CAP diagnostic battery. We book 2.5 hours for this appointment.  

Session 2:

The second appointment is booked for a half-hour. We use this time to go over the results of the assessment and answer any questions that come up.  The assessment includes a detailed report which includes the following:

  • Summarizes the relevant history
  • Who requested the APD assessment (parents, school psychologist, doctor, etc.)
  • Why it was requested
  • The tests that were performed
  • The outcome of the tests (e.g. binaural interaction or separation)
  • Test scores as compared to norms
  • A statement of patient auditory strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommendations

We do not currently provide any therapy sessions, though we can provide appropriate materials to use at home, and/or referrals to appropriate professionals who can provide that kind of therapy. The total cost of the assessment and report is $450.  

For more information on APD testing, request an appointment online or contact us at Broadmead Hearing Clinic: 250.479.2969 or Oak Bay Hearing Clinic: 250.479.2921.