11th Annual Healthy Hearing Expo

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Our 11th annual Healthy Hearing Expo will be held on Thursday April 16, 2020!

Location: Victoria Conference Centre, 720 Douglas Street

Time: 10am - 3pm

There's no need to register and it's completely free!

Get the facts about hearing loss & dementia, learn about how artificial intelligence is changing hearing aids, share hearing aid tips & tricks with current wearers, and find out what's new for 2020 from the professional Audiologists at Broadmead Hearing.


Scheduled Presentations:

Hearing Loss Causes Dementia! Fact or Fiction?

Martine Schlagintweit, Audiologist & Dr. Lia Best, Au.D., Audiologist
How exactly does hearing loss impact your  memory? We’ll examine the scare tactics and scientific studies behind this claim.

The Evolving Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Hearing Aids 

Lewis Smith, Audiologist
The newest hearing aids not only connect  wirelessly to tablets and smartphones, but they also translate languages, track fitness activities,  detect falls, & more! Find out how AI is evolving  today’s hearing aids into total lifestyle devices.

Hearing Aid Round Table Q&A

Alison Love, Audiologist
A panel of hearing aid users discuss their  experiences with hearing loss and hearing aids. Questions, tips and tricks will be discussed.

What’s New in Hearing Aids for 2020

Dr. Erin Wright, Au.D., Audiologist & Owner
Erin’s annual rundown of hearing aid offerings & the changing landscape of local Victoria  hearing aid clinics.


For more information on the 11th annual Healthy Hearing Expo, please call: 250-479-2969.

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We're very excited to be hosting our 10th Annual Healthy Hearing Expo!

Please come see us at the Victoria Conference Centre on Tuesday April 9th from 9am-3pm.

No need to register and it's always free admission!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 250-479-2969.